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“Finding synergy between design, code, and usability”

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Design Statement

As a designer I am looking for optimum relationships between art and communication. This means matching the best approach or style with the client's needs. A problem solver first, I'm inspired by and propelled by the capabilities and challenges that new technology offer. This means creating intuitive high functioning user interfaces (UI) and more broadly optimal user experiences (UE). Whether making code eloquent and efficient or selecting appropriate ink and paper, I bring attention to detail and care to each project. Send a message if you feel my skills meet your needs.

Kip's Bio.

Raised in Pennsylvania, Kip came to art through drawing and is now immersed in digital technology. Deeds completed a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has taught at a number of institutions including Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Maryland Institute College of Art, and Interlochen Center for the Arts. Among other institutions, his artwork is included in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Newark Museum in New Jersey.

For additional information view a current résumé or visit LinkedIn.

Project Examples

Richard Cramer

This website features artist Richard Cramer's recent drawing series. Preliminary wireframing and other prototyping was completed in Adobe Fireworks. The site uses responsive design (HTML5 and CSS3 coding) that allows for optimal viewing on a range of devices, including the iPhone, tablet, and desktop computers.

Dolphin Press and Print

This project involved redesigning and updating a website started by another designer. The home page and contact page were rebuilt to include new content, and javascript was added to enable image presentations. The site was built using server side php programing. Tests and redesigns were first performed through MAMP (software that includes a local server) before the final revisions were transferred to the remote server.

Art Sphere Inc.

As a website and design consultant for Art Sphere Inc. (a non profit in Philadelphia), work has been completed on this WordPress site includes the addition of a child theme, navigation organization and refinement, page editing, and the creation of new content. Links include a revised donations page and a new page that offers a free pdf book.

The donations page was edited and organized to separate the different methods of giving. Css and html was used to make sure the content to give each section a gray background and make the content responsive to different screen sizes. The new page, featuring the book Creating Legacies Through Art, presents a form that users must complete in order to be redirected to a page containing the pdf. Basic information is collected to identify interest in the book. Data is collected in a Google Spreadsheet.

Drawing & Painting Site

This site features my work in drawing, painting, and printmaking. The site uses adaptive/responsive design and will perform optimally on a range of devices. It was re-developed using Jekyll, Mustache.js, JSON data, and Ajax requests.

Graphics & Illustration


The following page samples recent projects emphasizing illustration, typography, and layout. While versed in Adobe software including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, I seek to retain a touch of hand made warmth. I am adept and passionate about rendering original illustrations but appreciate restraint where clarity or brand identity needs to be maintained.